Does Mineral Spray Really Replace Fixed Grade Makeup?


In the past few years with the development of beauty technology, mineral spray has been considered as the "savior" all year round for facial skin. From the dry winter or the hot summer. And it can be said that mineral spray is an indispensable product for every girl.

Mineral spray is produced as a product to support the care and beauty process. However, this is an indispensable beauty product of every girl skin. And especially according to beauty experts, the correct understanding of mineral spray products also helps your skin care process be more effective and more beautiful.

What is mineral spray? Mineral sausage is a form of spray skin care with ingredients such as water and minerals taken from nature and packaged into a spray bottle. It works to provide moisture to the skin and essential minerals for the skin.

According to dermatologists tested and proved that: mineral spray reduces the direct impact of environmental damage factors such as pollution and dust. Considered the most basic skincare step. And especially mineral spray is very benign for all skin types. Mineral spray can be sprayed in all cases:

Schools can use mineral spray:

1. / In the process of makeup: Mineral spray before makeup will help skin easily chalk and eat more foundation. In contrast, spray a mineral spray as soon as makeup is used to protect the makeup for longer. Finally, after a long day of going home and removing makeup, you should use mineral spray again to make your face feel refreshed and clean.

2. / When the skin is lacking in moisture: In addition to providing enough water for the body every day, you can also use mineral spray as a way of providing instant water to your face. You can use mineral spray several times a day because it is not harmful to the skin but can also help reduce the dehydration of the skin, limiting the skin from becoming too dry or excessive oil. That helps to take care of both dry and oily skin to be more complete and improved.

3. / After sun exposure: At this time, mineral spray will act as a soothing agent, helping the skin to reduce temperature and more comfortable. In addition, when the skin is irritated, itching is caused by a cosmetic failure, spraying minerals as a "emergency" step before you see a dermatologist.

4. / After shaving: For men after shaving often damage the skin at the shaving position such as redness, ... and mineral spray will help the skin reduce irritation, reduce redness caused by razor come.

5. / Hair styling: If you have a folding job but don't have time to prepare for a nice style, mineral spray will help you "slap" your hair in the simplest way.

6. / Even spraying mineral can be used to spray your baby again.

Mineral spray properly

- Keep the spray bottle upright parallel to your face, head the spray upwards.

- Spray bottle should be away from your skin in the range of 20 - 30 cm depending on conditions. If you use mineral spray to clean, keep the bottle 20 cm away from your face. If you use it to soften makeup, keep this distance at 30 cm.

- No need to shake, close your eyes, gently press the spray button, hold it and move the spray head in a circle around the face. Continue to move to the sides and back of the neck and then press the spray button to add the right three more times to the positions of the ears and neck area behind the neck. (Note that pressing the spray button over and over again may cause the mineral water needed for excess equipment to be wasted and the spray buttons of this type are easily damaged, so press as little as possible).

- Wash your hands and pat the skin for about 30 seconds.

- Keep the spray on the skin for about three minutes and then use a soft cloth or cotton blotting and remove excess water from the face.

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