Did You Know The Right Way Of Mineral Spray ?!


Maybe many girls are still confused with the concept of mineral moisturizing facial spray. Mineral spray can be considered as a light step, helping the skin to keep fresh and soft in air-conditioned environment, dry, hot, cold and dry climate. So did you know how to spray minerals at the most necessary time for your skin?

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The best answer for you already in the following article. Follow dr.her to discover the correct mineral spray sequence!

And the mineral spray moisturizes, provides an immediate amount of water to the skin, replenishes the moisture needed for the skin, against dryness. Especially girls must work in an air-conditioned environment, put a mineral spray in front of you to help your skin stay bright!

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However, not everyone knows how to spray minerals properly. So how to spray mineral is the right way to achieve the best moisturizing effect?

How to Spray Mineral Properly

Many girls after spraying minerals on the surface of their face, even patted them but then let them dry themselves. This is completely wrong. Because of mineral spray, there are minerals & salts. Excess salts on the skin surface will make the skin easier to catch the sun. Please follow the instructions of Dr.her expert below:

1. / After applying makeup or when needed, place a mineral spray bottle in parallel in front of 15-20 cm.
2. / Spray minerals throughout the face and move in circles and then use clean hands to pat the water layers for 30 seconds.
3. / Then, apply a gentle sponge or makeup remover to the skin to remove excess mineral salts from the skin.

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= >> Moisturizing mineral spray is a skin care product that is highly appreciated by experts, suitable for the most demanding skin types such as sensitive skin or oily skin. So please rest assured and use it daily

Please contact Dr.her for more detailed advice about dr.her mineral spray!

Wish you all are always beautiful and radiant !!!